Salmon River? Which section?

First of all, you might be asking:

Which Salmon River?

We run a section of the Salmon River in Central Idaho which runs from it's headwaters above Stanley, Idaho, through Salmon Idaho and down into the River of No Return Wilderness Area. Around here we call this the Main Salmon River

Idaho's Salmon River starts as a tiny stream south of Stanley, runs north through Challis to Salmon, where it skirts along the Continental Divide, and then takes a sharp turn west at North Fork and plummets into the River of No Return Wilderness Area.

Other sections in this area are the Middlefork of the Salmon River, which joins the Main Salmon right before it heads into the wilderness area, and the Lower Salmon, which is the wilderness area and below.

The Salmon River is designated a Wild and Scenic River and protected by Congress. This is great news for your whitewater rafting trip because the ebb and flow of the water is completely natural with no sudden surges or drops caused by damn maintenance. In fact, there are no damns or unnatural obstructions along the whole length of the river.

So don't get Idaho's Salmon River confused with the Salmon River in New York, or the White Salmon River in Washington. Look Salmon, Idaho up on a map and you'll know exactly where we are!


We run the Main Salmon River

Our section of the Salmon River runs from North Fork Idaho down to Corn Creek. You can see our various trips color coded in the map below.


Salmon River map, Historic Shoup

Some features of the Main Salmon:

  • Beautiful Calm Waters in "Deadwater"
  • Historic River Trips
  • The old Gold Rush town of Shoup Idaho
  • Visit a gold mine 
  • Experience Pine Creek Rapids (the point where the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery turned back!)
  • Great whitewater rapids

There has always been fun and adventure on this section of the Main Salmon River.

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